urlIt is not often that you come across someone that does not have s ingle breakable item. We all have cups and mugs and plates and various ornaments. They are lovely to have, but can make moving a nightmare of nerves. The last thing we want is to have some precious keepsake broken in the chaos that is moving house. As such, here are some tips to help you keep your breakables safe when you move house.

Removalist Specialties

Bubble Wrap: If you engage the professional removalists melbourne experts, they would demonstrate how the first layer around your breakables should be bubble wrap itself. You do not need too much of this, one layer is usually plenty. Make sure that you put the actual bubbles on the inside, next to the precious item. They are what will absorb the impact and so need to be close together. Make sure that you cover every inch of the item. Anything that is not covered is in danger. Stick the bubble wrap in place using sticky tape of some kind. Packing tape will work just fine.

Newspaper and boxes: Once you have all your items in bubble wrap it is time to put them into boxes. It is not a good idea to simply put them in a box and seal it shut. They will still be able to roll around and get squashed. Rather, put them in the box and fill any gaps between them with wads of newspaper. Just take a few sheets and crumple them. The newspaper will also absorb some of the shock of movement and help to keep your breakables safe. Do not try to put them all in one large box. It does make it easier to keep track of where they are, but the weight could cause the bottom items to break from even a little bump or knock. Rather use two or three smaller boxes so that you only have two or, at most, three layers of breakables.

moving123Labelling: When it comes to labelling your boxes so that you know exactly where everything is meant to be put in your new home, make sure you label the boxes with breakables clearly. A big red warning label is a good idea. Not only will you know exactly which boxes to move carefully, but your removals company will too. They will know that these boxes need to be handled with care and be packed last. You can even put them on one side and give special instructions that those boxes are to be packed into the truck last.


All of the above is particularly important is you plan to put your items in temporary storage. This means that even more moving will occur and the risk of damage is much greater. A professional melbourne storage facility should have all of the above packing materials on offer, but if they do not, it is highly important that you buy your own, well before the move, in order to reduce last minute stresses.

Moving house is nerve wracking enough without having to worry about your precious ornaments getting broken. So be sure that you pack them neatly and carefully with plenty of shock absorbing newspaper and bubble wrap. If you do not totally trust the removals company to be careful, then move those few boxes yourself. You should be able to fit them into your car with one or two trips back and forth. When it comes to these precious items, there is no such thing as being too pedantic or too careful.

76097403c14e9fc009cf6786231cabe41It’s good to know that we could help you design your new kitchen, and that we can help to make the whole process as easy as possible. It is our job to be experts in kitchen design and renovations in Melbourne, and we’re sure you’ll like what we do.

We are proud to work alongside our customers so we can help them design a kitchen they love, while making sure it’s suitable for their needs and home.

When you come and talk to us about your new kitchen, we will go over a few things with you:

  • 28f23b0d53e46367d84efc28f43a1c3aYour ideas – when people come to us, often they have a good few ideas about their new kitchen. We will talk with you about your ideas, so we can all work together.
  • How much you’re going to spend – this will ultimately determine how your kitchen turns out. Even if you don’t have thousands of dollars to spend, we will do our best to make sure you come away with the best possible kitchen.
  • Kitchen designs – we have many different designs in stock, and you’ll have the chance to browse through them all. There are a wide range of colours and styles available for every type of wood, so you can be sure the range is not limited. We also offer a lot of differently designed taps, sinks, and so much more, so you know you have the chance to create a truly unique kitchen that’s suitable for your home.
  • Locations – we will need to talk about the location of cupboards, sinks etc. with you. This is because you may find that we cannot move your oven or your washer due to the location of the pipes that are built into your home. Whatever you decide, we will ensure you’re happy with the location of every cupboard, shelf, and drawer etc.

Mortgage Calculator

In order to make sure you get the right loan or mortgage for you, you need to know exactly how much you’re going to be paying back on your home loan each month. Knowing this now will help prevent you from taking out a loan or a mortgage that could prove to be too much. If you cannot afford to pay back the required sum of money each month, it’s likely your home could be in danger of being repossessed and your credit rating could be adversely affected too.

If you have found your ideal home, you may be quite excited about the prospect of moving in, but you should be aware the process of applying for a mortgage can be a long and arduous one. Once you have the right mortgage, you will then need to show interest in the property, and you’re not always guaranteed to get the home you love.  While this may not seem very fair, unfortunately it’s the way the housing market works.

This is why it’s so important for you to make sure you get the right mortgage for you, because if you do end up getting your dream home, you need to make sure you can afford to keep up the repayments on it. Make sure you take a look at this tool here and ensure you’re entering accurately and honestly your monthly income will show you how much you can afford to pay back each month. You will then have more of an idea as to what mortgage is right for you, so your dream home becomes a reality.

Finding the right voice for your business is a priority, as it can set the right tone and ensure you get your messages across with ease. We have all heard those telephone hold messages that have the perfect voice telling us we’re in a queue or someone will be with us shortly. These messages help to set the tone of the call and make the caller aware of the level of professionalism that has been set by the business they are calling.

Voice over artists can captivate your listeners.

Voice over artists can captivate your listeners.

If you were to call a company and you were to hear a message that hadn’t been professionally recorded, you would be able to tell right away. These messages, despite the greatest of intentions usually sound unprofessional, this gives the caller the impression the company are not willing to pay for someone to create the right message, and they don’t care about the standard of the call.

We’ve all heard those rushed messages that have people clearly working or talking in the background, and we can all remember thinking “Oh dear”. Messages such as these clearly state the company has not taken the time or the effort to ensure the message they are giving to their customers is a professional one.

The Importance Of The Right Voice:

As I have previously mentioned, the importance of having the right voice can make the user aware of your level of professionalism.  If you have the right voice overs for your messages, your business can give the right impression from the very first time someone contacts you.

When you hire the services of a professional voice over service, you can be sure the latest equipment will be used to record your messages. This is in addition to the right voice being recorded for your company. Some businesses require a professional tone, while others require a more relaxed tone that puts the callers at ease.

The right voice also needs to be found if your business has an in store radio, as the right voice will directly help to increase sales. For example, if you own a clothing store that sells clothes to a teenage and young adult market, having a professional and serious voice talk about the in store offers will not work. For this purpose you will need to make sure you have a young yet friendly sounding voice that will appeal to the market in question.

Handing The Reins Over:

You need to think about handing the reins over to a professional voice over company, so they can do the hard work for you. They will know exactly what voice to use for your specific market and/or message.  If you don’t have the right voice, chances are you won’t be communicating the right message or even the right level of professionalism. Even if you have the perfect voice, using the wrong, or indeed cheap or old recording equipment could dramatically reduce the quality of the message. Get it right, hire a professional today so you can find the right voice for your business.

Watch them in action here:


There are three main types of DJs out there; Digital, Analogue and Hybrid. A Digital DJ is someone who only relies on his or her computer to produce music. There is absolutely no external hardware attached to the set-up. The analogue DJ on the contrary only really uses hardware to produce his or her music. This could either be through controllers, turntables and so forth. Finally, the most common DJ out there is the Hybrid DJ, the one who mixes the best of both worlds.

We haven’t really seen pure analogue DJs for a long time now especially due to the influx of new technology. Thus it is important to know the basics of setting up a Hybrid Dubstep set-up. Obviously you will be able to tweak the set-up to fit both your musical and economic needs as hardware and certain Dubstep program can cost you a pretty penny.

So let’s get down to the basics. The first thing you need is to get your hands on a decent computer. Without a computer you won’t be able to produce or save any of the work you do and without a good amount of Ram and processing power your productions will be weak in nature. It is probably the most important tool within your set-up so don’t be shy about spending some money on it.

Before we read on, have a look at this video by Denon, explaining their Hyrbrid system:


Secondly you’ll want to get your hands on an audio interface. This basically acts as an external sound drive that you can run analogue instruments through. This is vital if you want to produce some good vocals within your mixes and if you would like to add in real guitars and so forth. You’ll also want an external mixer in order to have complete control over the devices if your that kind of live dubstep creator on stage.

A standard Hybrid DJ setup

A standard Hybrid DJ setup

The mixer will be connected to the Interface that will be connected to your computer via USB. You will then connect your controllers to the mixer. For instance you could get your hands on a deck controller, where you can load up your samples and tweak it in your live act by adding bypasses, gates and so forth. You could also get your hands on a trigger finger or drum machine if you want to make beats live and on the spot.

One more addition to the set-up can be an ipod or something similar. Having such a device is how to make your own dubstep music live, when you need to load up another set without wanting to break the flow of the music, you can create “base” beats on your ipod at different BMPs. This is as far away as you can get from engaging your Dubstep VST plugins within your DAW, when production first commenced.  This is live. So let’s say that you’re currently playing a song at 140bmp, you’ll sync up the beat to your ipod, cross fade to that and then you’ll have all the freedom in the world to load up your next set on your favorite Dubstep software without affecting the external sound.

This hybrid set-up will give you the most control over your future productions and take note that this is only the basic set-up. You can expand your own hybrid set-up to suit your own personal needs and budget, but this should be a good initial goal you would want to achieve in order to take that next step to becoming a pro.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is used to promote website visibility in search engines to increase website traffic. The basics are quite easy to do yourself, however it is more beneficial to hire an SEO company to maximise your time and receive greater results.

 It can often be hard to implement and develop SEO strategies on your own. SEO professionals understand keywords, landing pages, indexing, and bounce rate. They understand SMM, CMS, PPC, and SERP. They understand the way search engines use algorithms to index certain web pages in the search results.


It is important to find an SEO service that uses money to optimize web content that is not able to be validated by search engines. Companies that provide their services for free often seem opportunistic, but usually do not work to the best of their ability. Companies that can be relied on use Meta tags, keywords, titles, and sitemaps. These SEO professionals understand the importance of keywords and can identify which ones to use for your specific business.

There are three main benefits for hiring an SEO company. These are:

1.     Hiring a company frees you from time-consuming work, and is helpful if you are unaware of search engine algorithms.

Algorithms are used to increase your website’s search engine ranking. Many people are unaware of how search engines rank sites, and even though it is not too hard to understand, studying the process can often be time consuming. SEO companies are fantastic, as they do all the work for you, leaving you stress free and giving you more time to work on the high quality content.

2.     You have more time to concentrate on your business.

SEO companies allow businesses to spend more time on other aspects of promotion. Concerns such as marketing, ranking, and search optimization are all completed by the SEO company, leaving you more time to concentrate on your business and less time worrying about how you are going to attract the right amount of customers you need to keep it going.

3.     You receive quality and professional work

SEO companies lives and breathe search optimization. Because of this, you can expect quality work. You will stay in touch, regularly receiving updates and developmental reports containing information about the wok and any search engine improvements. Updates allow you to monitor your SEO’s company progress, with the comfort that the reports follow certain standards in the field. Every expert who works on your website is a professional who has a lot of experience in search engine visibility.

These three reasons clearly outline the benefits of hiring an SEO company rather than working on your own. Working on your website alone often leads to frustration, making the work less effective and efficient as it should be. Make sure you hire a credible and legitimate SEO company with plenty of expertise in your specific area. Exercise caution around newly-created companies with novice and amateur staff. SEO optimization is important in promoting your business, so you require to highest quality service available.

seo-companyThe company you choose must:

  • Be fluent in SEO
  • Be experienced in content and design
  • Be industry insiders
  • Show fast results
  • Have a great ROI

It is important to work with a website designer and SEO professional with exceptional experience. Eventually you will have to manage and monitor SEO keywords yourself as your website evolves, but to begin with, SEO’s are an important tool to use when getting your website up and running. If you want a website with lots of traffic, then SEO tools are a great way to generate interested viewers.